In being a partner of an SC Competes Cluster, you gain access to the more in-depth, closed-door discussions, planning, and meetings that help shape our programs and future, and allow your business to have a relationship with the decision-makers and educational leaders that are shaping South Carolina’s competitive future.

SC Competes welcomes partnerships from a variety of business types and across multiple industry clusters. Annual partnership contributions range from $1,000 to $5,000, and custom options are always available in the event that the standard package isn’t a fit for your company.

Core Industry Partners: Core industry partners are companies whose predominant business fits within the supply chain of SC Aerospace, SC Logistics, or SC Tech/Cybersecurity.

Affiliate and Academic Partners: Economic development, academic institutions, public entities, and nonprofit organizations fall under the SC Competes Affiliate Partner.

Service Provider Partners: Service providers, such as staffing services, accounting and law firms, corporate housing, et al., fall under the SC Competes Service Provider Partnership.

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