Ready to apply? The application process below is fairly straightforward, however, we suggest that you contact our SCFUSA team prior to completing your application.

Project Application Process

If you are interested in submitting a project for funding, we suggest reaching out to Suzanne Dickerson ( and Marcel Schaefer ( prior to starting your application.

  1. Client Qualification: Commercial business presence in SC, including: Office Operations, Workforce, and/or Client/Supplier Base as well as an ability to invest 50% cash match of total project cost (in-kind contributions are welcome but do not satisfy cash match requirements).
  2. Project Qualification: The goal of a SCFUSA project is to have a positive impact on business competitiveness, to expand in-state operations, to increase employment and use of in-state suppliers, and to upskill our talented workforce.
  3. Project Team & Proposal Development: Confer with the Project Team consisting of Fraunhofer and SC University researchers to reach a consensus on Project Goals & Milestones, Impact, Respective Roles, and Budget Requirements.
  4. Application Required Documents & Submissions: All applications must include a completed University Authorization Form, Budget File, and Application Narrative. The application writing will be driven by the SCFUSA team. In the case of a University (PI) application, all applications must receive institutional review and approval prior to submission. Please download and complete the following:
  5. Project Assessment Form: After submitting a full application with all three of the above documents, the Client/Industry Lead will receive a Project Assessment Criteria Form to complete. In scoring potential projects, the client will be asked to answer the following: Does the project enhance the client’s competitiveness and lead to additional job creation? Does the project offer other positive secondary impacts? 
  6. Presentation to Review Board: The project will be presented to the SCFUSA Advisory Board for evaluation and funding decision. Projects are reviewed on a rolling basis and a decision is usually made within 2 weeks of application submission.