Clusters & Initiatives

Our established industry clusters add value to South Carolina’s economy by serving as a resource for existing and prospective companies to connect, expand, and grow the state’s overall competitiveness.

What Are Clusters?

Clusters allow companies to be more innovative and productive by providing access to a shared pool of specialized resources without having to look outside of the region. These resources include:

Industry Knowledge

Each initiative hosts a variety of industry leader events such as webinars, state-of-the-industry panels, and signature events with keynotes, panels, and more.

Supplier Outreach

Our directors work with state supplier companies across many industries and give them the opportunity to network, attend B2B events, and make announcements via our communications team.

Research & Development

Each of our initiatives spends time with the state economists to develop Economic Impact Studies that drive each initiative’s respective strategic plan and lay out the framework for how the director will drive their work in the years between updated studies.

Talent Building

Our work with the academic institutions and networks around the state allows our directors to have a direct line of communication with educational leaders on industry updates, economic planning, and how they can mold curriculums for the future workforce.

Network Growth

Each director, tasked with their own strategic plans, develops ways to best reach their networks, advisory boards, and industry companies. These strategies include plans for industry leaders, state policy makers, and educational leaders to stay connected and informed.

Cluster Highlights

Total Employees


Aerospace employees in SC (direct & indirect) with 2.7 additional jobs added for every 1 aerospace job created

Economic Impact


Billion in yearly logistics sector economic impact in SC

Funded Research


Million in matching funds with over 27 projects funded

Industry Growth


Growth in # of tech firms since 2000

SC Competes Cluster Partners

  • SC Tech Partners
  • SC Aerospace Partners
  • SC Logistics Partners

Get Involved

If your business is a partner with any of our Clusters & Initiatives, fill out our partner communications form to help our team engage with your company more directly on social media, press opportunities, webinars, and more.