2023 SC Logistics Population Growth Study

Our 2023 SC Logistics Population Findings: In addition to historical reasons for recent growth of South Carolina’s logistics industry, including large manufacturing industries in aerospace and automotive, a business friendly environment, investments in both the inland and Charleston ports, and the combination of population growth trends and geographic population reach… Read More

2023 SC Logistics Economic Impact Report

2023 SC Logistics Impact Study: The Lifeblood of State Commerce South Carolina has become a logistics hub of the Southeast, fueled by a $48.3 billion economic impact, 150,160 jobs, and growing population.. The 2023 SC Logistics looks at the impact of of the state’s supply chain logistics cluster and its… Read More

Strategies for Hiring Based on Skills

This report from Innovate+Educate, a national nonprofit focused on the future of working and learning, in partnership with SC Competes, continues a long line of work in the state to better match workforce development, education, and the work of the SC Competes for clusters and initiatives in order to benefit… Read More

SC Graduate Skills and Dispositions Assessment Analysis

While there is scholarly consensus nationwide regarding the necessity for durable skills assessment in schools, there has yet to be a concerted effort to assess these skills. Research conducted by Furman University: The Riley Institute, 2022 RileyStudyTransformSC.FINAL_Download… Read More