Governor McMaster Announces South Carolina Ready to Embrace Emerging Technologies

Inaugural SC Blockchain Week in Columbia and Charleston, South Carolina, March 8-14, 2020

Charleston SC- Governor McMaster is known for not only reporting on the state of South Carolina in his annual address but also providing legislators more of a “to do” list. His January 22, 2020 task list included an invocation to Senator Tom Davis (R-Beaufort SC) specifically stating, “Excessive government regulation is ‘the number one cause of death’ for businesses both large and small, and also the bane of investment.” Governor McMaster charged Senator Davis to “sponsor legislation that would require the Governor’s Office to submit to the General Assembly on an annual basis, recommendations for the elimination, withdrawal or modernization of any statutes, regulations, policies, protocols, boards, commissions, offices, positions or practices.” Further stating: “I ask you to work with us – to unleash innovation, investment, and emerging technologies by passing this bill promptly.”

“We are absolutely elated that the Governor has discussed some real-world objectives that we have been championing over the past couple of years, and we know these can be enabled by blockchain,” said Dennis Fassuliotis, Executive Director of PalmettoChain, Inc., a South Carolina blockchain technology advocacy group formed in 2018.

“PalmettoChain has been advocating for two things. First, a task force to study emerging technologies, and second, recognition of the nascent blockchain industry. We were able to get the first omnibus blockchain bill in the country introduced after crossover last session thanks to Representatives Alan Clemmons, Garry Smith and Kambrell Garvin in the House and Senator Davis in the Senate. There is still much work ahead, but we appreciate our legislators prioritizing this dynamic opportunity to put South Carolina first and with the Governor referencing the industry in his State of the State address, we are still flying high.” Mr. Fassuliotis added.

This could not have come at a better time. PalmettoChain will sponsor the Inaugural South Carolina Blockchain Conference on March 13 and 14, 2020, in Charleston, SC, as the final event for South Carolina Blockchain Week, following several days of meetings with lawmakers at the Capitol in Columbia, SC

The two-day conference will bring leadership, industry, academics, developers and investors together to jump start South Carolina’s transformation to a digital economy by fostering blockchain and other emerging technologies throughout the Palmetto State.

At the heart of the conference are innovations in supply chain systems, from provenance to consumption. The blockchain is particularly well-suited to track things: packages, production line items, raw materials, finished goods, agricultural products, food stuffs, and increasingly, data itself. Authenticated data underpins the integrity of the supply chain and the immutability of blockchain ensures our critical data is tamper-free and fraud-resistant. Coupled with other emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and 3D printing, the blockchain represents a unique technology platform to reinvent supply chains, thereby powering economic development and job growth throughout South Carolina. Engineers and developers can leverage blockchain technology as an essential element in their toolkits with applications in robotics, manufacturing, aeronautics, autonomous vehicles and the much-heralded Internet of Things.

Best known for enabling Bitcoin, blockchain has evolved into a broader ecosystem of executable smart contracts and micropayments, eliminating intermediaries and restoring commerce from three or more parties to trusted, direct peer-to-peer relationships.

The conference will be March 13 & 14, 2020 in the beautiful Hotel Indigo at the foot of Charleston’s famous Arthur Ravenel Bridge.

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PalmettoChain, Inc., founded in 2018, is a non-profit professional association that began as a grassroots group of blockchain enthusiasts that believe every individual, business and branch of government in the great state of South Carolina can benefit from blockchain technology. We believe this technology combined with other emerging technologies will create efficiencies heretofore unimaginable. PalmettoChain expects the development of the State’s own blockchain utility to serve the governments and businesses of South Carolina that serve her citizens.

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Dennis Fassuliotis


Executive Director, PalmettoChain, Inc.

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