Hundreds attend 2nd Annual Battery Symposium

Story via ABC Columbia

COLUMBIA, SC (WOLO) — From your television’s remote control to your neighbor’s new electric vehicle, batteries play a significant role in powering the world around us.

At Tuesday morning’s 2nd Annual Battery Symposium, more than 300 people from 15 companies across South Carolina came together to network and exchange ideas around battery research, production, recycling, and handling.

And it’s not just batteries for electric vehicles being highlighted. PAL (short for Palmetto Automated Learning), USC’s battery powered robot dog helps children get excited about a career in artificial intelligence.

PAL can play fetch and complete a two minute choreographed dance routine on command.

Suzanne Dickerson is with SC Competes and Director of the Fraunhofer USA Alliance — which lead research studies that help companies grow their technology and become competitive across the globe.

“We expect more and more attraction of batteries to the state, because we have this infrastructure now and this fast growing cluster that’s attracting more interest and more investment hopefully,” says Dickerson.

According to officials at the event, over $9 billion and 5,000 jobs are centered around the battery industry within South Carolina.

President of SC Competes Susie Shannon says competitiveness within the state’s battery industry, specifically batteries for electric vehicles, is thriving on a global scale.

“We assemble a lot of wonderful cars here in South Carolina, and we also export a lot of cars through our ports all over the world. And so as we see demand for electric vehicles steadily increase, we want to make sure that we stay competitive to meet that demand,” says Shannon.

Sym Singh, Director of State and Government Affairs for Scout Motors says the company’s goal is to create EVs with all of the technology and functionality that people want.

“Battery technology is very important and staying at the forefront of that is something that we’re very focused on, and that’s a good partnership that we have here at USC and I think why the symposium is here this year. I understand it was at Clemson last year, both great schools, both research universities, and I know Scout’s gonna be taking great advantage of. And that’s another reason why we’re here in the state — is to have these very strong partnerships to allow our company to grow and be at the forefront of that technology,” says Singh.

The symposium also featured a “Battery Bootcamp” where participants got hands on experience and insights into battery technologies.

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