Q&A With SC Aerospace Director Stephen Astemborski

Get to know new SC Aerospace Director Stephen Astemborski and learn a little more about what drew him to the Council, and what he’s jamming to currently.

What are you most excited about as Director of SC Aerospace?

I am most excited to work with each of our aerospace companies, non-profits, and educational institutions in our state to make connections that never existed before. I enjoying bringing together a group of individuals and building a team to accomplish a goal, and I look forward to being able to do that in new ways we haven’t thought of before.


What drew you to the Aerospace cluster in South Carolina? 

Flight is a phenomenal human innovation. While not a pilot myself, I have felt the value of aerospace my entire life. Whether it was talking to an Italian Air Force pilot over-watching my platoon in Afghanistan, collaborating with an aircraft engine machine shop to lean out a process in order to stabilize part flow, or flying to New York to see my family for Thanksgiving, the aerospace industry has improved my life almost daily. The opportunity to help that industry grow in South Carolina so that we are recognized as a worldwide leader is what drew me to SC Aerospace and The Council.


What are some of the things on your To-Do List as Director of SC Aerospace?

As the Director of SC Aerospace, I always want our board members and partners to get value from every event or program. I have some new ideas for company spotlights, workforce development, and educational programs, but ultimately I am excited to hear from our board and partners as to what is most important to them.


Finally, what is the last album featured on your Spotify/apple music playlist? 

My most recently played album is Justin Bieber Essentials. I would say my Apple Music is about 75% Dave Matthews Band, 10% Grateful Dead, 5% Justin Bieber, 5% One Direction, and 5% a mix of 90’s/2000’s rap and O.A.R.

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