SC Council on Competitiveness Launches Innovative SC Asset Network (SCAN) Mapping Tool

[Columbia, SC, March 27, 2024] – SC Council on Competitiveness (SC Competes) and its partners are excited to announce the launch of the SC Asset Network (SCAN) mapping tool, a revolutionary platform designed to enhance visibility and connectivity within South Carolina’s vital industries. Developed in collaboration with industry and workforce leaders and powered by ArcGIS, SCAN provides an interactive map featuring key players in logistics, aerospace, and technology sectors across the state, as well as educational training programs within these robust industry clusters.

The SCAN tool offers users a comprehensive resource to explore South Carolina’s economic landscape, with the ability to search for specific companies, industry sub-sectors, and discover highlighted and emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and e-mobility. This intuitive platform serves as a valuable tool for industry stakeholders, economic development professionals, and job-seekers alike.

“We are excited to introduce the SC Asset Network mapping tool, which represents a significant step forward in promoting collaboration and growth within South Carolina’s key industries,” said Susie Shannon, President and CEO of SC Competes. “SCAN not only showcases the diverse range of companies and education and workforce training programs in our state, but also facilitates networking opportunities and fosters innovation.”

SC Competes recognizes the dynamic nature of South Carolina’s business landscape. As such, the platform offers an opportunity for South Carolina companies working in technology, cybersecurity, logistics, or aerospace who aren’t yet featured on the map to submit their information to “Get on the Map.” Submitted companies will be reviewed and added to the map within 10 business days, further enhancing the tool’s utility and relevance.

The SCAN tool will be managed and maintained by SC Competes, with ongoing refinements and updates to meet the evolving needs of industry and adding in new highlighted technologies such as quantum and more. As the premier resource for industry cluster companies, economic development professionals, and job-seekers, SCAN promises to be a cornerstone of South Carolina’s economic development efforts.

For more information about the SC Asset Network (SCAN) mapping tool and to explore the interactive platform, please visit

About SC Council on Competitiveness:

SC Competes is a business-led nonprofit organization committed to advancing the long-term economic competitiveness of our state, industries, and citizens. Our work is accomplished through actionable research on opportunities and threats to South Carolina’s competitiveness; support of industry clusters that provide South Carolina a competitive advantage; and education and workforce development initiatives that ensure all South Carolina’s citizens are equipped to compete in a global economy. We execute our work through partnerships, recognizing that our state’s economic success is secured through sustained collaboration among the private, public, academic sectors.

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