SC Logistics Director Named to the 2024 SC Biz News Logistics Industry Power List

Amy Sartain, SC Director at SC Competes, was named to the 2024 Power List. Here is what Amy had to say about the logistics industry in South Carolina:

What is the biggest challenge facing the supply chain in South Carolina, and how can we overcome it? The biggest supply chain challenge we have in South Carolina is ensuring we have enough people interested in and trained to work in supply chain jobs all over the state. We need to make sure that students in K-12 and beyond know about the rewarding career opportunities in the supply chain and are motivated to join the profession.

What emerging technology has been most beneficial to the logistics industry, and why? Many logistics companies have prioritized improvements in data availability, processing, and visibility which is a major enabling factor that will help justify or maximize many other innovative solutions. AMRs (automated mobile robotics) have become more affordable and widely used, they are especially helpful for their flexibility. Looking forward, I am very optimistic about the applications for AI in clerical and administrative tasks in the logistics industry.

How did the COVID-19 pandemic change the logistics industry for the better? Many stakeholders across companies that were not aware of the importance of logistics in their business have had their eyes opened, and hopefully will stay collaborative to support interdepartmental alignment.

How can South Carolina’s logistics industry become more sustainable? We need to work together across public and private to support the scaling of solutions that have the best results, while continuing to encourage testing technologies that have a lower readiness level.

Finish this sentence: In the next five years, South Carolina’s logistics industry will… be a prosperous example of what is possible when you have strong collaboration between private companies, academic institutions, non-profits, and government.

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