Steve Townes

Steve Townes, a well-known entrepreneur in the aerospace services arena, is President, CEO and a Director of Ranger Aerospace, the company that he founded in early 1997. He is also President & CEO of ACL Airshop, an air cargo logistics services and equipment leasing company with operations at over half of the world’s largest cargo hub airports. Steve was the inaugural Chairman of SC Aerospace for two years when these initiatives first began in South Carolina, and was a member of the SC Aerospace Task Force prior to the formation of SC Aerospace.

Townes’ diverse background spans four decades in the commercial, corporate, and military aviation industry. Before going independent with Ranger Aerospace in 1997, he was previously Vice Chairman, and earlier President, of Sabreliner Corporation’s heavy aircraft services divisions. Townes was Executive Vice President of Stevens Aviation, a $115 million multi-city aviation services chain which more than doubled in size and made two acquisitions while Townes was its chief operations, marketing and technical services officer.

Townes has also been Vice President of Major Programs and Marketing of the Dee Howard Aerospace Corporation, as well as a Program Leader and Marketing Leader in LTV Aerospace and Defense. Townes is an engineering graduate of West Point. Steve earned the coveted Eisenhower Award upon graduation there. He also holds an MBA from Long Island University and completed the PMD program at Harvard Business School. Steve named his company in honor of special operations forces, where he also has personal heritage. He served in the 1st/75th Ranger Battalion as a young airborne infantry officer, and graduated #1 from the Army’s Ranger School.

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